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Visualcoach is founded in 2003 by Patrick van der Meer. At the start the company was mainly a sales point for video analysis software. Early products ranged from individual technique analysis to statistical team analysis. Later direct video feedback software with time delay, webproducts and video for runing shop were added.

Jeu de boule, Baseball, soccer, hockey, gymnastics, pole vault, waterpolo or darts. We know what you should do to get advantage over the competition.

Our front door is open to individual coaches and sports, clubsuniversities, and a wide range of companies like Infostrada , Run2Day, Runnersworld, Loperscompany e.o. We helped Physiotherapist and occasionaly hospitals, to bring video to their Athletes, patients and customers.

Nowadays we develope, advice or promote our own and third party software. You should, for example, come to us when you need a modular multi-camera sports analysis system. We can't wait to tell you about the awesome kiwano system build by our primary partner ccc-software in Germany.

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